Professional Practitioners: Should we call them Masseuse?

This is an important question to address if you are someone on either side of the table. You need to understand what you are going to be getting as a customer, and you want to also make sure that you brand yourself properly as a professional when you pick the right term to define yourself. So, in order to understand the world massage and the people who provide those services, we need to start from the beginning and work our way up to the final conclusions on the topic. It goes deeper than you think and means a lot.

maassage therapist vs masseuse
massage therapist vs masseuse


There is a definite education difference between a massage therapist and a masseuse. A massage therapist is a highly educated professional who has gone through many programs and gotten all of the certifications and qualifications in order to help them earn their title of a massage therapist and the perks that it brings. It is a sign of prestige to have earned this title to help them create the right world for themselves. See What is Therapeutic Massage – Another definition of Therapeutic Massage.

On the other side of things, a masseuse is often someone who has little – or no – formal training with massage therapy. It could be learned through generational training or unofficial training but no medical-based formal training has occurred, or it was not completed to the standard of the certification and qualification options that are available.

As you can see, there is quite the difference in the two, one being more prominent than the other, and deserving more respect. Informal training is great, but proper, legal certifications are important for a reason and should be respected.


Much the same as education, salary can often be different between the two of these, formally and otherwise. Massage therapists, since they are professionally trained, have the right to ask and create a higher salary option for themselves. They are providing medical-based and important treatments to customers and their knowledge and time spent in working with the world is important to create the right space and look and feel for a higher rate. They deserve the financial upgrade. Massage Therapist Salary in Australia –

Massueses, on the other hand, have a lower rate in a lot of ways because they don’t have the formal education or recognition to be able to look at the pay raise as an actual option. They may get additional money in other way, such as tips (more on that later), but their formal pay schedules are significantly lower than massage therapists.

Gender Identification

When you refer to someone as a massage therapist, the term is gender neutral, which is fantastic for those that don’t want to be identified one way or another, or prefer the clinical term because it keeps everything professional. A masseuse is always used in a gender-based word like masseuse or masseur. In this way, it identifies the person one way or another, and can often create a negative experience for those that are looking for a way to keep gender out of it.

This is a new addition to this world just like the gender pay gap issue, but it is one that is quickly building momentum and creating outrage in the community of professionals. There is such a thing as safety in gender-neutral themes in the workplace, too.

The Common Association with the Titles

This is the nugget of things, right there. There is a huge difference when you look at the titles and what they mean socially speaking. When you hear massage therapist, you are automatically thinking clinically about something. You see it the same way that you think of any other medical professional. It promotes a healthy connection and relationship that is all about the therapy that you are going to receive as a client, nothing more.

On the other hand, there is often a connection between the term masseuse, and special favours in terms of how sessions end (you can fill in the blanks, here). This means that when you brand yourself in this way, it can often imply that you offer additional services that leave clients to have very clear and certain expectations. If you, as a professional, don’t offer these services and you happen to run into a particular client with a mean streak, it can often mean negative results which will come into play in the next point.

Additionally, when you refer to a massage therapist – a trained professional, remember – as a masseuse, it degrades what they’ve done and the training they’ve received . It is seen as derogatory term because it implies that there’s been no formal training, licensing or other emotional factors that go into creating a strong and secure educational background. It is something to always keep in mind and respect, the same way you would with any other kind of medical professional.

See Other Information about Massage Therapist Title: Massage Titles Matter: Why We Don’t Use Masseuse



Based on the point above, safety can sometimes be an issue between the two titles. If you a professional (formally or otherwise) in massage and are labeled as a masseuse, it gives the common connotation of additional services. If you are someone who simply doesn’t offer those services and get the wrong kind of customer, that customer can often become violent or cause professional problems for the masseuse. See Mobile Massage and Personal Safety –

They’ll target you as stalking victim, or they’ll create the right kind of environment for you to have other similar violent customers…there are so many options to consider that you should really look to stay away from these kinds of clients. This is done by making sure that you are always legally and socially referred to as a massage therapist.

The thing to remember in all of this is that common perception is just as important as legal and formal. There is a lot of difference between these two terms, and knowing, understanding, and respecting these differences will help you make sure that you always connect properly with the right people and – on the other side of the table – bring in the right kinds of clients that will help you promote yourself in the right light.

See This Video of an Exotic Massage Called Kahuna Massage:


Health Benefits from Meat & Dairy Products: Good for your singing voice?

Are you feeling tired? Troubles conceiving a child? Skin issues? Although these might all sound like very serious conditions, you might be able to treat them with a bit more vitamin B12. See this website about B vitamin supplements. Best of all, this vitamin is entirely natural and can be found by eating certain foods or taking supplements. Here, we will tell you about just a few of the many benefits of vitamin B12. You might just be surprised at all the benefits that taking B12 offers patients just like anyone else.


B12 – Keep Reading More Info Below


vit b12 deficiency: sick man coughing
b12 deficiency: sick man coughing


B12 is a Bodily System Boost (For Systems of All Kinds)

Vitamin B12 can seriously boost your system in a number of ways. It can give you more energy by quickly converting carbs into glucose. In some males taking B12 can help with infertility. B12 has also been shown to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Others have noticed a true boost in the health of their cardiovascular system after taking B12. Taking B12 can also help those with memory disorders, like Alzheimer’s or just memory loss due to aging. The next time you are feeling a bit under the weather and would like an immune system boost, just try some B12.

Maintaining a Healthy Body Inside and Out with B12

Think that B12 is just good for your body on the inside? Think again! Although B12 can help with internal issues like anemia, Multiple Sclerosis, and eye disease, it can also help you on the outside. Having sufficient amounts of B12 in your diet can slow the effects of aging. A proper level can also help you to have skin, hair, and nails that are stronger and more beautiful. B12 can even be applied as a topical treatment for skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Vitiligo, as well as other skin infections, can also be helped with an extra dose of B12. How about your voice? If b12 can help and improve almost every part of your body. Yes it will absolutely strengthen your vocal cord muscles! See b12 and Chronic Coughing information here.  Which in turn will give you more control on the sound that you want to produce.

vitamin b12 - old woman sings
b12 – old woman sings


B12 and Maintaining a Healthy Voice Helpful Articles:

Getting B12

So where can you get the extra B12 that you need? There are two ways to get B12. The first is by increasing the number of foods you eat each day that contain the vitamin. Common foods containing B12 include:

1. Some fish like Salmon, Mackerel and Tuna.
2. Liver – example Duck Liver. It is also a very good source of Vitamin B3 which is called Niacin.
3. Eggs;
4. Meat;
5. Cheeses – Nutrition information on Cheese;
6. Milk.

Second is by taking a supplement. The most popular vitamin b12 supplement is the cyanocobalamin type, but from researching around, methylcobalamin is the more effective one.

For those following a restrictive diet, vitamin b12 deficiency is not good at all. B12 might be hard to come by. But for those B12 is available as a daily supplement, or as part of a daily vitamin. In most cases, this type of B12 has been synthetically produced in a lab and is safe for everyone to take.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Herbal Medicine:


Vitamin B12 Health Benefits Narration With Dashcam View of Driving in Sydney CBD


A Change to a Healthy Life Style helped This 2 Persons A Lot

Anna’s Weight Loss Success Story

Anna lived with her husband and children and had never really been overweight until she had Devon (5) and Ariel (2). She had gained a lot of weight through out her pregnancies and just could not seem to drop it.

Anna had gained over 50 pounds and had kept in on since Ariel was born two years ago. At one point she says” I could not keep up with my kids, my legs hurt, my back hurt and I was just too tired to play with them” and she say’s her kids were her motivation. Anna started out with small goals and after a year of meeting each small success the pounds flew off. Here is her weight loss success story. Go and see a website with many Inspirational Weight Loss Success Stories for similar journeys as her.


weight loss success stories of 2 women
weight loss success stories of 2 women


Anna was 185 pounds at the start of her journey. Her five foot five frame was under constant stress from the added weight and it was effecting her quality of life. It can be harder to lose weight when you have never had too before. Anna said “ when you are thin most of your life you can easily pick up some really bad eating habits because you are never forced to pay attention to what you are eating.”

She said she always ate tons of junk food and decided that it was time to lose weight because she wanted her children to adopt “good” eating habits that would sustain them through out their lifetimes. Through dedication and hyper vigilance she was able to drop a whopping 50 pounds of fat from her body by simply cutting out junk food from her diet.

Anna reports “feeling better than ever inside and out” and “I finally have control over my own life, I can run and play with my kids and not feel ashamed of my body at the community pool”.

Lisa’s Weight Loss Success Story

Lisa was overweight most of her adult life and battled with weight related illnesses like diabetes(diabetes in the united states) she was only 27 years old and weighed in at almost 300 lbs. Her health was chock full of issues, she considered surgery but was afraid of the side effects so she took the bull by the horns and started her weight loss journey:

“ For me weight loss wasn’t so much about what I was eating as it was how much I was eating . I never really considered how much food I was consuming until I started my food journal. Taking that one simple step of writing down everything I ate was like a slap in the face. It was my wake up call and of course the fact that I was getting zero exercise was a big factor. I started out with reducing how much I ate than I added simple walking exercise. Keeping it simple for me is what worked. I adopted a no stress approach to losing the pounds. I only stepped on a scale once a month. I walked everywhere I could and I just reduced the amount of food I ate at every meal. After two years of my lifestyle changes I have lost ½ my body weight and I am down to 150lbs.”

More Success Stories in Losing Weight

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You Need The Right Exercises and Diet For A Flat Tummy

For those people who are after perfect abs, then doing different abdominal focused exercises has always been the main focus of those seeking that perfect ripped abs look. People tend to associate six pack abs with health, fitness, strength and vitality, however, there is more to perfect abs than just exercises. As well as exercises the person seeking perfect abdominal muscles will have to make adjustment to their overall fitness levels as well as changing their diet.

six pack abs
six pack abs

When trying for six pack abs, you need to pay attention to the exercises that lower the total amount of fat in your body. When body fat is reduced, especially around the stomach area, the abdominal muscles become more prominent, even without excessive exercise. See this weight loss supplement, it might help you. Some B vitamin injections are also used by well known professional weight loss centers.


This Traditional Stomach Exercise Is Good For You If Done The Right Way


The problem with acquiring six pack abs is that there are many so called “quick fix” methods out there that promise to give you the perfect six pack in just a few weeks, however, the thing that you need to understand is, is that there is no quick way to perfect abs. These companies who hawk their wares on the internet, television and radio are only interested in making as much money as possible; they will try and confuse or impress you with medical jargon in an attempt to part you from your hard earned money. Most of these companies say that their latest product, diet or exercise regime is guaranteed to get results, but guaranteed by whom exactly? This is where the medical jargon comes in as they try to impress you enough to shell out what could be a considerable amount of money for something that is basically useless.

Changing your diet is one of the best ways to achieve six pack abs, especially switching to foods that will help to reduce the amount of body fat. Body fat around the waist is one of the greatest enemies to those people who are searching for perfect abdominal muscles. When you want a six pack stomach, you are going to need to remove as much fat as you can from your abdominal area in order for the abdominal muscles to show through.

Interval and resistance training are two of the most proficient ways in which you can get ripped abs as both kinds of training techniques are liable to increase the lean body mass, which has a knock-on effect of increasing your metabolism.

Hopefully this article gave you ideas to help you understand the requirements for getting that classic six pack look for your abdominal muscles. Also after every strenuous exercises or workout you perform, you might need some muscle relaxation to ease the tension of your over all body. Relieve your shoulder muscle pain with massage from this professional therapist.


Other Exercises that will help build your Abdominal Muscles:

Push Ups


Tricep Dips




What are the Side Effects of This Fitness Supplement? Good for the Voice?

Millions of men and women around the world find it advantageous to be able to use a variety of different pills to help them maintain a healthy weight or to shed extra pounds that they don’t want to carry on their bodies. With that being said, garcinia cambogia, a new diet pill made out of fruit extracts, has become one of the most popular dieting supplements in the world. Regardless of whether you’re taking regular Advil or a new supplement that has been said to help others lose weight quickly, it is important to become aware of the side effects associated with garcinia cambogia. See stories of 2 women who lost weight by changing their life style. Performing regular exercises are also a good way to achieve fat loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Reviews & Diet Video

One Note about Losing Weight and Your Singing Voice

We all know that when we lose that extra pounds that we don’t need, we begin to feel good and lighter, which in turns give us more enegy. This is very good for the singing voice. One of the famous punk rock bands of the eighties, their lead singer used to be a lot more than overweight. She has a very good voice, until the day that her routine exercises and eating the right food paid off and made her lose lots of weight to become a trimmed person. The first thing she reported was that she can now sustain notes much much longer compare to when she has a lot of unwanted baggage on her body. If you don’t have time to go to the gym. You should look at Natural diet supplements like garcinia cambogia. Let’s look at this diet supplement more.


garcinia cambogia before and after side effects
garcinia cambogia before and after side effects

FDA Regulations

One of the largest detriments that you will want to consider prior to purchasing your own supply of garcinia cambogia is the fact that these pills are not regulated by the FDA. Considering that these pills are considered to be supplements rather than drugs, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate how they should be used and hasn’t produced a review of how effective or safe they are. There have been other diet pills in the past that have been disadvantageous because the FDA did not monitor their components.

Considering Ingredients

As previously mentioned, the FDA does not monitor how these supplements are created, therefore it is up to the manufacturers to determine what they want to put into the pills and how much of each ingredient should go into the pills. It is important to note that there are legitimate garcinia cambogia manufacturers that conduct trials and work alongside researchers to determine what a healthy dose should be considered as. Therefore you will want to ensure that you choose a legitimate retailer to purchase your pills from.

Concerns in Men

As per a study that was conducted in 2005 and published in the Food and Chemical Toxicology text, the garcinia cambogia extract had a severe reaction in male mice. Once the mice were given high doses of the extract, it caused them to have testicular atrophy and an immense amount of toxicity. With that being said, if you are male, consider speaking with your doctor prior to taking any dosage of garcinia cambogia.

Concerns in Women

As per the majority of different supplements, drugs, and vitamins, women should avoid taking these pills while they are pregnant or breastfeeding. Aside from that, there have been no legitimate reports of side effects in women from the use of garcinia cambogia.


Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects and General Useful Info:

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Music stimulates unborn child brain activity

Infants remember melodies heard in womb, a case study indicates, from a medical journal report. The study discovered that babies subjected to the nice music such as baby lullaby while in the womb showed signs of remembering it as much as four months after delivery.

The study involved two teams of moms. First group are mothers who played the popular baby tune in late pregnancy. The second group are also mothers but did not play music regularly. After delivery, researchers found indications that babies in the learning group showed signs of remembering the baby tune. The mind task of babies whose mothers regularly played the lullaby in pregnancy was stronger whenever similar music was played after delivery and at four months.

baby music tunes
baby music tunes

This is a good thing to do in the earlier months of pregnancy. A great advice is to buy gentle music gadgets like ipod or iphone and place it on top of your stomach. Choose a soft music, maybe a love song or a gentle orchestra. Soft rock can be good as well. You can also get free baby stuff from baby musical toy manufacturers. Search or ask around.

Freebies – Samples, Products for Expecting Mother

The scientists suggest prenatal exposure to music may affect baby brain development at a critical period for the development of the auditory system. The researchers also speculate that being subjected to less soothing sounds during pregnancy may have a negative effect on a child’s development, but this theory is unverified. The outcomes of this small research are of interest, but it does perhaps not prove that prenatal exposure to music improves a baby’s mind development, memory or hearing. Expecting women should not feel obliged to play lullabies to their unborn infants every day.

This really little research suggests that babies whose moms played a lullaby during the subsequent stage of pregnancy appeared to have more brain activity in reaction to that music whenever it was played at birth and four months. This indicates that an unborn child may remember sounds heard in the womb, but it does maybe not prove that publicity to music in the womb improves the auditory system or later on brain development.

Also, the scientists just utilized one measure of brain activity called Event Related Potentials. Whether this is an adequate reflection of neural response to music is uncertain. For instance, they did not look at possible behavioural responses to the music, such as thumb sucking or mind turning. It is additionally feasible that the babies differed in methods that might have affected the outcomes of the study, such as basic wellness or brain development.

Perhaps the many important thing to think about if you’re pregnant is your very own wellbeing. Playing music that you enjoy and that relaxes you could be a better choice than listening to a lullaby on a loop.

Why Expressive Warm Ups are Needless for the Singing and Speaking Voice

It never ceases to amaze me the idea the speaking voice may take advantage of vocal warm-ups. The same can’t, while the theory is completely essential for the singing voice and shouldn’t be tried for the speaking voice.

What do many people do all day long both in their careers, in their social lives, or amongst their family? They speak. Some speak a lot more than the others. Whether we’re talking in a predicament, talking on the phone, or addressing a bunch of people, our days are often filled up with some type of dialogue. And correct, some days we might speak a lot more than other days.

Perhaps not do all day long [unless they’re practicing or practicing]? They cannot sing. This really is the most apparent reason that singers must warm-up the voice or musicians must warm-up using their tools or even players must warm-up their health before the sport, the relay or the race. So that you can cause them to become more pliable and ready for the pressure and stress they’ll be undergoing since the muscles and methods necessary for the performer, the artist, or the athlete aren’t getting used through the duration of their time, they then should practice using those muscles.

Nevertheless, the organs and muscles essential to develop spoken voice are already heated up, because you are making use of your speaking voice during your day. Their continuous use may be the practice. Consequently, doing additional exercises for the speaking voice isn’t only useless however in many cases produces extortionate wear and tear about the vocal folds [cords]. For lots of people, extortionate utilization of the speaking voice can in fact cause harm to these delicate areas.

Among the marvels of great voice training is that after you discover your ‘true’ voice, by which your chest becomes most of your appearing panel, there’s simply no have to do any warm-up exercises. Yes, in my own education, I provide breathing exercises to practice while driving to and from work, however the true practice for the speaking voice is Useful. When you learn your ‘true’ voice, the homework I assign is by using it just as much as possible during your day. That’s the exercise. Because when the new sound gets control, you’ll find your voice constantly increasing with age making your new voice a routine is the target.

When I’m preparing to prepare for a presentation, for example, I’ll practice the opening of my presentation within the bath or while driving to my destination. Like a means of focusing on what I’ll be saying I’m perhaps not, nevertheless, like a means of warm up my voice practicing, but am practicing.

If you should be a singer, by all means, warm-up. If you should be speaker, however, do not get weighed down with ineffective exercises and drills. Find your ‘true’ voice and it’ll prepare yourself if you call upon it.

Health Insurance for Musicians – A Cutting edge Austin Plan

Austin likes the self-promoted but well-deserved popularity as live music capital of the planet. It’s an original idea. Besides New Orleans, Austin may be the only town in the UNITED STATES to supply such complete health care to its local musicians. What greater way than Health Alliance for Austin Musicians can there be showing our gratitude? HAAM makes people lives greater.

HAAM was made in 2005 as due to a partnership between local hospitals and the SIMS basis with support from the town and numerous Austin companies. They recognized the need that existed locally of musicians in the town for affordable health care. A lot more than 8,000 working musicians reside in Austin and many of them are uninsured.

This group of musicians and their supporters chose to offer themselves to that help, In the place of wait for the federal or state to develop an idea to help the countless Americans who don’t have health insurance.Money for the corporation is supplied by private and company donations and various grants. Every October mobilizes musicians, local companies and city officials to boost money for the business the HAAM advantage morning.

In 2006 they increased more than $180,000 in 2007, and more than $107,000. Other activities through the year, such as Austin audio backer Nancy Coplin’s BIG SIX-O birthday celebration recently, contribute their profits to HAAM aswell. Obviously, interested supporters could also donate money anytime through the HAAM.HAAM’s 2007 annual report shows not exactly 4,900 medical, dental and psychological health visits which gained a 94% approval rating from member-musicians.

This success results from the one-of-a-kind cooperation among the Seton Group of hospital services, medications, Hospitals [clinic appointments and expert referrals], St. People should reside in Travis County and have the ability to show they make money playing music, to get the advantages from this program. For several services, members must pay a little co-pay; various other services are supplied for free.

His death stunned the Austin group and several friends and family decided to produce the SIMS basis to provide counseling, psychiatric and addiction recovery support to musicians who needed it. The building blocks provided greater than 2,300 such periods in 2007. Virtually all people are extremely positive about the services it offers and the work HAAM does.

Man Forsyth is definitely an Austin artist that has developed a significant name through the duration of Texas.’It makes me truly happy for younger musicians who are developing and for parents who might have a young child that’s very skilled and it’s frightening to think about them becoming an artist.

The Musician and the Guitarist in You

When you’re playing alone you’re training the guitarist in you; when you’re playing in a group, you’re training the artist in you.I first heard about this notion from the fellow artist in my own church. He himself confessed that he acquired this hearing from another person. We’re centered on the device we’re playing, when we play alone. In the event that you play using a music cycle, you’ll understand what I am talking about.

You’re ostensibly having fun with a device. A device barely [in reality, never!] makes an error [unless you’ve designed it to become so]. Therefore one upside [benefit] of playing alone may be the undeniable fact that you are able to devote completely to increasing your personal techniques. This really is true in the medical perspective, since you’ve developed a controlled environment, where anything else is continuous, except you.

You’re accumulating [training] the musician in you. In a band, you’re in a team, a real group. Why do I make use of the term ‘real’? Well, Because real people is usually a time shocking. Mistakes are made by real people.

You may decide to improvise differently, while you’ve decided to play a blues using the development involving I-IV-V. That listening isn’t only on the superficial degree of listening for the notes. This article could be doing a massive injustice to the subject if I were if I may one to proceed and fix an appointment with various other musicians to get a jamming session, not to promote and problem.

Therefore seriously, are you going to organize a jamming session along with your band? Frequently than perhaps not, being in an environment provides a complete new degree of situation that may raise the artist in you.You’ll learn how to be friends with each others’ difference. You’ll learn how to touch on each the others’ talents. You’ll learn how to accept and tolerate each others’ ability restrictions [I am not saying you need to do not make an effort to improve].

You’ll encourage one another to enhance. You’ll gain ideas and spark audio a few ideas you’d otherwise struggle to find when you’re practicing alone. It’s our personal duty to develop the musician [instrumentalist] and the artist [team-player] within the one you call ‘me.’ When like a team you sensitive and powerful individually, consider when you do get together to PRODUCE the options abounding!

The Best Exercises for Flat Stomach

Most people focus on training their abs so as to look sexy. None of these people realize the importance of abs in our day to day lives. Abdominal muscles are very important in our day to day activities. Most yoga instructors know this, and hence the reason why yoga focuses in building abdominal strength.

Exercise for flat stomach
Exercise for flat stomach

Importance of Stomach Muscles

1. Posture
Your abs serves as the attachment between your pelvis and spine and help your back maintain good posture. Incorrect posture leads to abdominal pains. Weak abs are one of the reasons why most people experience back pains. To avoid the inconvenience and expenses associated with back pains, it is important that you train your abs and stomach muscles.

2. Balance and stability

Abdominal muscles make it possible to walk, sit or stand. Without abdominal strength, you will experience difficulties when performing these important activities.

Since your body’s center of gravity is located roughly below your belly, your abs play a very important role in ensuring that your body is balanced.

3. Managing everyday activities

Abdominal muscles are the once which manage everyday activities like sitting, standing, bending, walking, twisting and so on. To be able to live a normal life easily, you have to ensure that you train your stomach muscles.

Now that you know some importance of stomach muscles, lets look at some exercise to help you strengthen your stomach muscles. These excises dont require any special equipment and cone be done at home. Abs should be trained like any other muscle. 3 times a week and 8-12 repetitions.


Watch This Video To Lose That Big Belly


3 Exercises for a Flat Stomach

1. Standing side crunch
The standing side crunch exercise targets the leg and oblique muscles.

-Stand on your left leg with arms extended out to the side at a shoulder length.

-Lift your right leg knee a few inches off the floor and to the side.

-Place your right hand behind your head with the elbow bend to the side at a shoulder level.

-Do 15 reps of and switch sides follow the procedure and repeat.

2. Lunge and Twist
The Lunge and twist exercise targets your glutes, abs and legs.

-Stand with your feet together and lunge back with your left leg.

-Bend your knee at 9o degrees and reach your left hand to the right foot.

-Stand up and lift your left knee in front of you to hip height and bring your fists to your chest, bend your elbows out to the side as you t-wist left.

-Twist to the center, lunge your left leg and repeat.

-Do 15 reps while switching sides.

3. Spiderman plank crunch
This exercise lets you work out your entire core muscles. You work out the front and the back of your abdominal area at the same time.

-Start in the traditional plank position with your fore arms and body straight on the ground.

-Bring your right knee forward towards the right elbow.

-Return to the original plank position.

-Repeat with your left knee.

-Do a total of ten reps.

Don’t overdo the exercises if you dont want to end up with exhausted or injured. You can couple these exercises with a 15 minutes walk daily to help burn those extra calories.


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